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Bethune College
Bethune College

Departments of  Zoology

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Year of Establishment:

  • General Course:  1979
  • Honours Course: 1996

Programmes/Courses offered: UG (Honours & General)

Interdisciplinary courses offered: Environmental Studies for all students

Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise):

  1. Annual System is followed as prescribed by the affiliating Burdwan University upto the session 2016-17.
  2. From the academic session 2017-18 CBCS will be followed as prescribed by the UGC and Affiliating University.

Library: A well-stocked digitized central library and a departmental library are available for free access to students and teachers of the department.  

Departmental Seminar library

Departmental library set up has been stated in 2016 by the help of fund from the college authority. Few specimen copies of books have also be donated by the departmental teachers for students benefit. This library is equipped with books according to students’ requirements. Books authored by renowned scientists, both foreign and Indian, are shelved.


Students are facilitated with a well-equipped laboratory to carry out experiments and dissections according to their syllabi

Ø      Museum:

A rich zoological museum is another essential part of the department to offer pragmatic knowledge of the subject to the students.

Ø      Instruments:

·         Simple, compound and binocular microscope

·         Tissue homogenizer

·         Hot water bath

·         Haemoglobin meter

·         Microtome machine

·         Colorimeter

·         Chemical reagents and different staining reagents.

·         Certified pipette, burette, glass, apparatus

·         pH meter

·         Sechhi Disc

·         Digital Weigh machine

·         Centrifuge

·         Paraffin incubator

·         Camera lucida

These equipments are available for the students for their practical classes. Each member of this department shows his keenness and cooperation during the handling of different types of specimen, instruments, equipments and chemicals supplied to them. Proper demonstrations are also given to the students by faculty members before commencement of their practical works.


1. Put on your apron before you attend the classes.

2. Do your practical works only under the supervision of teachers / instructors.

3. Always be alert and cautious while handing the apparatus A little carelessness may cause huge damage to you yourselves as well as the department.

4. Put off the burners / lamps which are of no use.

5. L.P.G. Electric energy, water are precious save them.

6. Specimen, Chemical, Apparatus are other materials used in the laboratory are costly, save them and handle them carefully.

7. Compensate the damage you have caused due to your carelessness or disobeyance to your teachers.

8. Ensure regularity and punctuality in attending classes.

9. Quarreling among Yourselves, gossiping shouting etc. are strictly prohibited.

10. Co-operate with the teachers / instructor / staff engaged in the classes. Follow what they ask for.

Internet facilities for Staff &Students:

  1. Wi-Fi facility is available for students and staff in college campus.
  2. Internet facility is available in departmental computer.

Class rooms with ICT facility: Available


The Department organizes an excursion every year for the students as part of their curriculum.

Wall Magazine:

Two wall magazines namely, "Science & View" and "Krishti" are maontained by the students of the department.