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College in a Village? This year Krishna Chandra College, Hetampur, has completed 119 years of its existence. It was founded by Maharani Padma Sundari Devi, wife of Maharaja Ramranjan Chakraborty, in the name of her father-in-law Raja Krishna Chandra. Before the formal start of its functioning, the college got in 1896 the seal of approval from the University Of Calcutta to teach the First Art course. For about 25 years, the college functioned as an intermediate College. In 1923, it obtained the permission to teach B.A course. In 1956, the college becomes a Govt.-Sponsored Institution. In 1958, the B. Sc course was open. Since the early sixties, the college began to open Honours courses, one after another, and now it has 12 Honours departments and one General Department (Geography) besides B. Com General faculty not a mean achievement for a college located in rural area.

Quite a number of celebrated teachers and scholars, e.g. Dr. Biman Behari Majumdar, Sri Anirban Roy, Prof. Debipada Bhattacharya, Prof. Jati Kumar Sengupta etc. started this professional carrier in this college. From the long list of bright students of this college, a few names may be picked up namely Srikumar Bandopadhyay, Prof. Ramaranjan Mukhopadhyay, Dr. K. N. Chatterjee. Since 1996-97, the centenary year of the college, we have got a new semblance of this institution under the aegis of different Govt.-grants Sanctioned in favour of our college. A new library building and a new teacher's common room have added new plums to our cap. Recently the college has received a huge grant from the UGC for the construction of Girl's Hostel and proposals for an auditorium and a cultural stage have also been considered by the authority concerned.

Although situated in the rural area, the college is easily reachable. The road that passed by the village is now elevated to the status of National Highway and the number of buses plying on its sufficient. The climate is salubrious and distance from the dean and hustle of city life lends a rural liveliness to the environment. The construction of the Bbkreswar Thermal Power Project, only a few miles away, has added a new dimension to the economy of the area.